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Tory Burch- Fashion Show Spring-Summer 2016 in New York with interviews

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A huge japanese door in the theatre of the lincoln centre’s corridors, to host the new collection of tory burch that always takes us to faraway places, exotic, real or fairy tale... natural fabrics are at the heart of the collection, cotton, linen, jacquard . the designer adds fringes and embroidery, reworks the caftan with guipure lace, and chose in order to return to urban life, iridescent tones for ultra-light organza dresses.itw tory burch for me it was sort of beauty found in unexpected places and it was sort of how things aren’t so straight forward and sometimes the nuances and patina are what makes things more attractive and whether it’s copper and how that ages into this beautiful shade of green or how the overgrowth is what makes it so extraordinary or even japan, when china was broken or pottery they would fill it with gold and it became this master piece so it was sort of looking at imperfection and finding beauty in that.we spent a lot of time researching fabric because i wanted it to be just weightless and so how do you take a tweed and make it as light as cotton or how do you take trends loose in fabric and make it chic because it’s not so easy to do that so we bonded it with a natural linen and sort of the contrast of high and low is what i found interesting. itw liu wenit’s amazing, early morning, great start. we love tory and the collection was very beautiful and very modern and very chic. it’s really an honour to be here because i’m shooting a lot of campaigns, i did a lot of shooting with tory, we did a campaign before, so this is my first time sitting on the front row to watch the show. i’m really appreciative.music from the show