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Peter Pilotto- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in London with interviews

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The peter pilotto duo takes us on journey. first of all by the desert for a review of the safari jacket, belted, easily worn without sleeves. then of course to the mediterranean sea, the smock tops are at the heart of the collection, worn rather short, and ruffled on the big long skirts. the pleated effect is reworked again of, course in its complexity, rendering the ensemble light and transparent, worn as a t-shirt or a waist length zipped jacket with a rather sporty crop top underneath. the ruffles bring volume and lightness, the tones make it softer. to highlight: a first collection of shoes released in italy and signed peter pilotto.itw peter pilottowe looked at dessert, we wanted this idea of what are the type of clothes that you wear in this kind of heat, what makes you think of hot summer and exploration and all of that, so that’s why we looked at this uniform kind of construction, which is a bit more masculine, and on the other hand it was the more feminine the more ethereal with all the laces and the over layering it’s something that felt a bit more like a mirage, like a dessert.itw christopher de voson the other hand we were analysing the traditional mediterranean smocked shirt and we were quite fascinated about the simplicity and beauty of it and we wanted to explore that and push that and disposition the elements and benefit from the elasticity and all of that. it’s the first time we’ve done our own shoes, so that’s a very exciting step, and there’s a little range. so it was a fun way to apply our graphics into different techniques and to work with italian tanneries that did it our leather intarsias for us, so it was fun.music of the show