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Barbara Bui- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Paris (with interview)

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South america bound to meet sensual riders at barbara bui. the skins (leather, snake, suede) take the spotlight through the sublime shirts, ponchos and playsuits in brown, purple tones or even a patch work of colours. the designer adds belts, thin gilets, long fringes and shoulder bags. the trouser suit is revealed in her bermuda shorts version, the skinny leather trousers just like the various proposals of jackets are not left out, not to mention the slip on dresses, some revealed in vibrant pink with a matching bikini underneath… please note: the big fringes added to the men’s waistcoat and the dresses, made in leather and suede and of course the many proposals of shoes and bag.interview from barbara bui :it really was this idea of a journey in argentina, south america with the ‘cavallero’ aspect to it, and its why all the accessories, the shoulder belts, the decorated belts, the big fringed bags, resemble this idea of an argentinian rider. and what was funny was to turn it to a very feminine silhouette, moving away completely from the gaucho and putting a bikini under the dresses, so there was a very californian, la side to it. it is a mixture of extreme femininity and sexy clothes. i love playing with dresses, worn over bikinis and playing with matching combinations which are really pretty outfits and putting a boyish side to them. and all that is counterbalanced with the strong use of leather, snake skin, suede, lots of natural fabrics in shades of ginger, purple and even pink. this very pink aspect brings a dynamic to the collection.music of the show