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The designer's Christmas trees. 20th edition (with interviews)

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The designer’s christmas trees celebrates its 20th year anniversary. 20 years of creativity and generosity generated by the christmas tree and objects revisited by the big names of fashion, design or architecture. a rendez-vous initiated by marie-christiane marek with a unifying theme of raising money for charity, where artists loyally support every year with great humour and always so much talent.the théâtre des champs elysées reveals the exhibition on, 15 avenue montaigne paris 8e. the sales of these designs will be donated to the avec foundation of professor david khayat. lessapinsdenoeldescreateurs.orginterviews from: marie christiane marek, francis kurkdjian, india mahdavi , chantal thomass, véronique nichanianmarie christiane marek:there is so much imagination and so much good humour and what’s surprising is when i was looking back at what we’ve done, i realised that the trees go with the mood of the time. meaning that when we’ve had successful years and they have been easy, where aren’t any problems, the designer’s imaginations go wild and there is a lot of fun involved. and then when there are tenser years regarding political or economic circumstances, i realised that we hold back more on the pieces that are of value and that’s a little bit what we have done in this edition. francis kurkdjian:there are twenty little tubes of bubbles that i made with a special smell for marie christiane and for the 20th year of designer’s christmas trees. it’s a christmas tree smell so when you blow the bubbles and you put your nose inside it and break the bubble, in that moment a christmas tree smell explodes in your nose. india mahdavi:i really wanted these objects to be a bit like desires which have a life outside this period of the christmas tree. chantal thomass:i made so many, it resembled less and less like a christmas tree but anyway it’s still a beautiful piece!véronique nichanian:it’s a rather joyful exercise because there are thousands of ways of doing them and there are magnificent trees and there’s no one way. i wanted to call it, tree on its 31st because clearly it’s a nod to the masculine world but also it’s a way of having presents at the foot of the tree.music free of right / bandit & nikit 2015