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COP 21: Change Fashion for the climate through a charter & a fashion show

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Fashion took full advantage of the international conference for the climate, cop21. first, by creating a commitment charter signed by the french ecology minister, ségolène royal, also, notably by the union of textile industries and by designers. the association, universal love was behind the project, organizing seminars and creating a fashion show with 23 ethical brands who design their collections with respect for humans and the environment.interviews from: isabelle quéhé and sakina m’saisabelle quéhé:the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. as part of the association called universal love, for 10 years now, we’ve defended fashion as responsible, so we wanted to take advantage of the cop21 and organize an event called "change fashion for the climate."there are some positive changes, it is slow but it’s happening. i think the change will happen in the final part of the chain, the public, meaning that, at the moment we wear clothes to look good, but they’re manufactured in bad conditions. that must be amended as soon as possible.sakina m’sa:recycling is my commitment and now i campaign a lot for, firstly the designers to become citizens, to be aware of what we produce, how we make everything, to be increasingly more specific about the traceability, where the fabrics come from, how they’re produced. and above all, i encourage all people who consume fashion to become citizens too. i think now, we have to accept, that this old world must go and this new economy must begin. it will be more humane, it will be more including, and it will be less exclusive because what is important is beauty. i believe that today we all understand that in order to sell clothes they must be sexy, that’s why i like to talk about desirable changes. music from the show