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Party outfits : Jewellery, the ultimate accessory!

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Jewellery exploded in 2015, becoming a vital part of a woman’s accessories, to even becoming part the clothing. for your upcoming ‘soirées’, you’ve lots of options to choose from, the big winner being the necklace; let's start with the choker necklace, which has made a big comeback this year. to make it stand out, pick the big twisted chain, in gold or silver, stella mccartney’s structured pearls suit the black attires perfectly, then stack them all up like at chanel.if you like the more extravagant pieces go for the arty necklace. made by renowned jewellers, it adorns clothing and it totally steels the show.(itw)in fact the jewellery makes us look like a princess and why not go all out for the parties, get out the tiara, diamonds, dangling earrings and match them with a necklace like at d squared2.(itw)with this royal trend in mind, many designers choose to mix the jewellery into clothing. opt for the jewelled collar or cravat and dare to push the barriers further, wear your precious stones and diamonds casually on a sweater or on your dresses and jackets. so it’s now or never to brightly sparkle with jewels that embed into your favourite pieces. interviews from: adrien caillaudaud et dean & dan caten adrien caillaudaud:the work on jewelry comes from an exhibition that we saw in the tate. it appeared important when we saw it, and this piece gives something almost solar, esoteric and brings something new like renaissance.dean & dan caten: queens’s accessories but huge, gigantic, overdone, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces. musique free of right / bandit & nikit 2015