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Best of Men's- menswear collections autumn/winter 2016/17 from London, Paris, Milan

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The latest men's collections are an echo of today's world. the man questions everything; he wants comfort, practicality and originality all at the same time. the designers try to grasp this new definition by adapting it to the men’s wardrobe for next winter.first of all urban is emphasized.today, man, is foremost a city man, living at a faster pace, while keeping simple. for example straps appearing in many shows, replacing the belts, changing the system of attachments whilst bringing something more to the clothing. (interviews)in his evolution, man seeks to redefine the dress codes, particularly through new proportions and volumes. the puffer jackets seem to get bigger from season to season, whilst for the trousers, they are cooler, more "street-wear" and become xxl themselves. we even noted a double play on the part of the male sex; on the one hand he emphasizes his virility, with a return to the military trend, very present in the latest collections. renewal of camouflage, mourning coats, jackets and reworked army coats…the khaki seems to even dominate and on the other hand, however, it’s the opposite, the man is daring and will even reveal his femininity a little more every season.we can see it also through the embroideries which are found everywhere, and especially all-over jackets and trousers and it’s mainly the flowers that are celebrated, totally expected even on denim. not to mention the pink, going from ‘purpley’ to powdery, becoming one of the major colours for winter. is the business man ready for a pink suit? let’s see if the trend takes hold.finally the connected man is more comfortable than ever, in all situations, going as far as reveling in the new trend: the daytime pajamas. (interview)in the last menswear shows, the man is looking on point, choosing a certain freedom seen in many proposals, those that suit him the most, assuring his choices, whilst still keeping an element of mystery.interviews from andreas melbostad,dean & dan caten, silvia venturini fendi.andreas melbostad:i live in new york and i have always been fascinated by the bike messenger. this was our starting point then we took all these ideas and silhouettes and started to rework them with very iconic references creating new hybrids and ultimately giving a sort of stark, sharp look to represent this sort of urban ‘ninja’ almostdean & dan caten: it’s about the silhouettes i think and also the shapes and the movement. there are big moving elements even in jackets and coats that open and fly pieces of trousers that open and fly; it’s really nice in action actually. silvia venturini fendi:at home everybody is connected to the outside world. today we can work from home, shop from home, order food from the best restaurants and it arrives in 20 minutes to your house. so that's why i think there are these desires for pajamas, dressing gowns, loungewear and bed wear.