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080 BARCELONA FASHION WEEK : Autumn-Winter Fashion shows 2016/17

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Created in 2007 by the ministry of innovation and enterprises of the catalan government, the fashion "week" - titled 080 barcelona, in reference to the city’s postal code, aims to give twenty local designers an international identity.the focus: on five days of shows, kicking-off collections for next winter with twenty local brands who want to be innovative! here is our selection...custo barcelonais the label best known internationally, also showing at the new york-fashion week. created in the 80s by the dalmau brothers, custo & david, the collections play on prints and innovation. we see the animal tends, a certain sophistication for men and a 60’s/70’s spirit with short skirts and iridescent and metallic effects on fabrics.brain & beastbrain & beast, label born in barcelona in 2010 under the direction of ángel vilda,his pieces are considered puzzles, with a silhouette appearing simple, but with a geometric and complex game where colours and shapes play a part of the code. a fashion that desires both sophistication and humor. oscar leonat oscar leon, originality comes from the models’ made-up faces, inspired by the theme of the collection: insects. the fashion: the style is more urban and sporty, with loose trousers for comfort, zippered jacket and a corduroy belt knotted at the waist.miriam ponsamiriam ponsa plays on the theme of aviation, with trouser jumpsuits, protective clothing, reworked and translated for an urban silhouette decorated with numerous straps and zippers.txell mirastxell miras preaches a wise and austere fashion, with vailed haired nuns who catwalk in cassock, in elasticated trousers, a frilled shirt and in clothes imprinted with cleric faces. carlotaomsthe label carlo taoms is based on a unisex fashion, designed by a duo of designers, with, this season, sport and the mountain as their leading thread. a fashion where comfort primes, destined to take on the roads in freedom, and who especially advocates “made in barcelona”, to promote the local industry and textiles.music free of right : bandit & nikit