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Summer 2016: The cool attitude

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The man is washed away with a new trendy wave, the so-called ‘sports turned cool’, like surfing and skateboarding, are transposed into desirable urban versions. summed up by dean & dan caten, the dsquared2 designers. (interview)we won’t go as far as breaking hearts for a guaranteed effect nor be too ridiculous but here are the codes to follow. first choose a very cut t-shirt, even logoed, with colours that aren’t too loud or too over the top, a tie die works when it’s made tastefully. likewise for the bermudas even the shorts; their baggy version is still not suitable for work but is perfect for the weekend and holidays.finally, several details can easily be snapped up like the headscarf, the sneakers, even the cap. but again wear them with finesse. interview from dean & dan caten:it sets the pace, tattoos sort of go hand in hand with a bad boy, he is not a good boy today. he is a heart breaking gypsy surfer teenager so he wants to get up to trouble collecting his souvenirs, his girlfriend’s panties from last night which brings him good luck on the waves, he’s got shells, he’s got most of his clothes on because he is travelling with his backpack he is following the next wave he is free spirited, he’s cool, he is sexy and he is going to break your heart. music free of rights: bandit & nikit