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Iris van Herpen - Presentation Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

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Designer: iris van herpenlocation : the oratory of the louvre theme:cymatics silhouette: geometric, whilst playing with pleats and 3d volumes, a type of work inspired by the japanese musician kazuya nagaya and the sounds that emerge from his music. a couture that wants to be both experimental and modern, with this season also wishing to bring certain serenity as well. materials: pearl and plastic, transparent tulle, silicon, japanese organza, materials cut with a laser. materials specially developed for the collection. to note: the numerous frills that give a lot of femininity to this haute couture collection.interview with iris van herpen:the collection is inspired by cymatics, cymatics is the art of visualizing sounds, and within my work i’ve always been fascinated by visualizing things that i cannot see. sound is a way to find peace for me, that’s why i have been collaborating with kazuya he is a japanese artist and you will hear him play now. i’ve been trying in this collection to visualize his sounds, in the patterns of the collection. the process of my work is much more exciting to me than the end result, and i think the development and the hand work are actually very meditative to me, so i think that both kazuya and i found meditation in a different way and we brought it together and we tried to give the audience that same experience. yeah all the materials and the techniques that you see are developed in the atelier and i think that’s why couture is really important for me because we create our materials ourselves and that’s a very time consuming process, but it’s so much more exciting to me than just using material and cutting it and sewing it. it’s a much more intensive but more beautiful process. music from the fashion show/ not to be used beyond 7 days after the show