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Rami Kadi- Presentation Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

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Location : salon du plaza athénéedesigner : rami kadi the fifth collection for this young 29 year old lebanese man, a graduate of esmod. inspiration: 3 types of women: the fighter/ contemporary/ sensual silhouette: a young couture, contemporary, mixed with traditional techniques, all working with new materials. freshness and a care- free attitude, with the addition of coloured flowers, transparency and sensuality brought through the muslin. focus on: the tops in plaited leather, mesh embroidered with oven baked sequins, and leather fringing. to note: metallic silicone cock feathers for an enigmatic coat. + leaves of sequins stuck on to lace+ the bride and her zipped bomber jacket, with her train. interview with rami kadi: for this collection i was inspired by everything that has surrounded us over the recent years, all the upheavals that we are currently living through, therefore i was inspired by the woman of these times, a tough fighting woman, a strong woman, but also a woman who whilst being tough manages to stay sexy and intelligent. there are also lots of women who really search for peace, who would love to return to childhood, so i was inspired by these three aspects of a woman, these three states of mind, in order to create this collection. i used very rigid materials such as leather and suede, really solid and opaque materials, for the sexy woman, i used transparent materials, all the dresses are transparent and light, and for the innocent woman, i used flowers with colours that jump out, popping colours. i used knitted mesh, i put sequins on top and then i put it in the oven and the sequins changed their forms giving a very interesting effect. i learnt this technique of how to plait straw in chairs, a really ancient technique that i really like, and so i used it with leather threads and i did this style of weaving on the bustiers. for me couture isn’t a dress, it’s a savoir-faire, you can have a couture top, you can have couture trousers, couture is really a savoir-faire, it’s really about unique pieces, it’s about perfect finishes, silk linings, it’s that, it’s what you don’t find in ready-to-wear. music from the fashion show/ not to be used beyond 7 days after the show