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Fendi celebrates it's 90th anniversary in Rome with a fashion show on the Trevi Fountain . (with interviews)

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a fairy tale to recount the legend of fendi with a fur haute couture fashion show, presented on the trevi fountain. interview with pietro beccari:rome is the city where we were born, it’s where the house was founded so we live in symbiosis with the city. there wasn’t a better place that we could have really married ourselves to in such a strong way, than the city of rome and the image of rome, so it’s a reason to be proud and happy to celebrate our 90th anniversary in rome. with the fashion show at the trevi fountain, we are going to doing something that no-one has been able to do before. interview with silvia venturini fendi: tonight really, it’s one of the most iconic monuments and places for roman people, italian people, that is going to host our fashion show that is called ‘legends and fairytales,’ because it’s really kind of a fairytale tonight, it’s kind of a dream that has come true. interview with karl lagerfeld: the theme of the collection is ‘legends and fairytales,’ inspired by the illustrations of a totally forgotten danish illustrator from the 1900’s called kay nielsen, it’s not exactly what he did, but it’s the feeling, the mood, and at the same time also, you have the fountain, rome, everything, there is inspiration drawn from a lot of things. interview with kendall jenner: it’s an amazing, timeless, special brand, every piece you see, you can tell there’s love and care put into it and you can tell it takes time, and i just think the brand as whole is so amazing. every time i get to work with them, every time i walk in and see the clothes, the shoes, the accessories, the bags, i’m always in awe, so i think that that says a lot. interview with pietro beccari: i am very proud and happy like i said, 90 years is important but what is more important is 100 years, therefore, i always say to my team that we have to concentrate on what will happen afterwards. music from the fashion show