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Hood By Air : collection spring-summer 2017 in New York

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Designer : shayne oliver atmosphere : hood by air has become in only a few seasons, one of the unmissable shows in this new york fashion week where in the front row rappers and starlettes rub shoulders as well as naomi campbell. the casting counted on strong personalities, whole-heartedly playing the role of a certain kind of model, almost bizarre with hair wet with gel or with a sort of mousse driving the idea of birth or renovation. silhouette : the desginer deconstructed the clothing, creating the effect of a shirt with a false collar, the effect of volume and length, playing with laces and zips. focus on : the mirror effect on the clothing that could be found in both ways up until the incredible inverted cowboy boots…to note : the slogans on the clothing, from hba and hustler to ‘’never trust a church girl.’’ interview with shayne oliver: basically i was sort of separating my personal ….i guess lifestyle myself and made the brand more on display and sort of using the brand’s history so far and exploiting it and using it to create new silhouettes. that’s basically where i was coming from, and a little mirroring, like the shoes were mirrored, the pants were mirrored, the suits were mirrored and they incorporated a lot of things that had to with rehabilitation and sort of like if you cut off a limb and it’s regrowing, these sort of ideas, yeah, this was what was happening yes. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)