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3.1 Phillip Lim : collection spring -summer 2017 in New York

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Designer : phillip lim atmosphere : a nashville spirit in an industrial hangar with earth and flowers on the ground and 50’s music. silhouette : sensuality in a retro style revisited and the victorian era suggested. lingerie becomes the clothing of the summer. focus on : the embroidered bra, sprinkled with lace or trimmings. gathered jackets, a zipped jean skirt and frills. to note : shoes with a 50’s spirit, giving the desire to go dancing. interview with phillip lim:i tried to pick apart what was like hip hop back then, what was rock n’ roll back then, it was like nashville honky tonk you know patsy, dolly, they were renegades and they were like crooning about love and heart break and sex and rock n’ roll, and you know they did it looking like ladies, looking so beautiful with hair done and what not. and i thought about ok, what is the opposite of showing everything? austerity, which is victoriana too, but you know you couldn’t do one or the other, you needed both to kind of be relevant for right now, because we can’t go back and cover everything that’s the past right, that’d be silly, so we move forward perhaps maybe with a little more manners towards each other, a little more respect, a little fun, and a little return back to the love of putting clothes on. the thing about working on the spring collection is that people don’t want to wear clothes, and clothes are always flat, and it’s hard to create clothes because they are too heavy right? but this was a fun way of creating volume and texture with muslin and chiffon and it was really studying victorian volumes. that’s where all the victorian ideas come from, all the ruching and the gathering, but then we put it into bomber jackets or denim jeans, or even you saw the pieces with the flowers there, they’re from old handkerchiefs, victorian handkerchiefs that we just cut up again you know. so it’s really re-imagining how to have that kind of properness within spring. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show,protected by the right to information)