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Mary Katrantzou : collection spring-summer 2017 in London

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Designer : mary katrantzouatmosphere : mirrors and columns in the centre of the scene, making one think of those of buren in paris, but with a hint of greek palaces. the designer revisits the history of her country, greece, through prints derived from mythology, notably the minoan civilisation. focus on : the drawings reprinted on the clothing, a face represented on the side of a jacket, like an open history book. always an incredible work on the prints, with optical illusions and kaleidoscopes in a reference to l’op art. to note : the willowy silhouette with big skirts with basques or the tunic ensembles and trousers. interview with mary katrantzou: it was important to me when looking at imagery that is so widely know that you filter it through a perspective that’s entirely yours, and for me that was distorting it and looking at all parts, and looking at different motifs, as if somebody was pulled out from the minoan culture and put on acid or put in a psychedelic trip, and i love that in the collection to build in that way and to fuse the two. most of my work has been centered around perception and i did it a lot through trompe-l’oeiled prints at the beginning of my career, and i think for me the past couple of seasons, and probably in the last two or three years, it’s been about discovering new ways of working with fabric with form and a different kind of exploration and i don’t know why i felt i wanted to do a collection that feels very true to my roots and how i built my career through print. interview with eva herzigova:she took the theme of classicism and she turned it in to pop, rock n’ roll, with extraordinary colours, with sexy silhouettes, really sophisticated, elegant and very very beautiful. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)