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Mulberry : collection spring-summer 2017 in London

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Creative director: johnny cocamood : in an old printing shop, in south london, ready to be knocked down , mulberry parades their new city slicker figures, basing it on the centennial history of this english housefocus on : suits with loose bermudasvery obvious stripes, declining down the shirt togetherthe dresses and their floating fabric sections creates new volume the colours which he dares to use are yellow and silver to note : the many bags, particularly on the iconic model,"bayswater piccadily", reinterpreted an oversized version and the shoe-mulesinterview with johnny coca: the venue was very impressive, there are a lot of stories behind it, i believe that there have been star wars films which have been filmed here, when you visit the venue it’s quite incredible… james bond has been filmed here, and compared to the concept of the collection which was linked to the side of the worker and the school child, i believe that there has been a side which was right in terms of relationship between the product, the universe and codes.there are a lot of stripes because it takes the history of boredom, next to the school boy in england and different schools which meet and so they change their jackets and play with their clothes all the pieces are very easy to wear; after that they are spectacular pieces, but when you take a closer look, they are jackets made of thick cotton, they are silk dresses with stripes which are very, very simple dresses, there are a lot of skirts… so in fact the combined gave the silhouette characteristic, but when you decompose the silhouette, these are pieces which are quite obvious. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)