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Fendi : Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Milan (with interviews)

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Artistic director of the female line : karl lagerfeldsilhouette : playing with contrasts, with fluidity, the dresses which fall like a cascade; and with more rigid textiles to create more volume.focus : on the plated pockets on the jackets, the boots which we pull up, and the sneakers.+ flower prints +patent leather +new kan i bag in acidic colours.palette : soft colours, apricot, blush, pink, mint, contrasted with the livelier colours.to note : the spirit of lingerie. the apron shape which superimposes and ties at the back and the sides.+a sportswear vibe with golf trousers, a short rugby shirt+the iconic pequin stripe reinterpreted +the fur covered in coloured stripesbeauty : the glitter one the lips and the quilted accessories in the hair. interviews :silvia venturini fendi :it’s a muse ‘rococo’ with a side sport, it’s a collection, i think that it’s a real continuation of the collection that we did on the trevi fountain. karl lagerfeld: there still is sportswear mixed with the floaty things like the butterfly wings and things like that; that is what my idea is, because there are elements of several historic periods but without any direct references. a classic apron is like that; but for me that hasn’t any interest than ours, its like that, its here, there is a piece that exceeds on the front at it is that which makes the cascading effect and it was that idea : the waterfall, especially as it seems that the trevi fountain has the purest water in rome.pietro beccari :we opened a new school of leather in florence, we hired nine new people this year in our fur atelier; which is unique in the world, because it’s the only label to have integrated a fur atelier which produces 70% of our collection internally. it isn’t only important but fundamental, for our label, but also for the ‘made in italy’, to continue to invest. mr renzi said yesterday, fashion is a very important system in italy, for italy and for us alike, we must invest in this filed. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)