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A space dedicated for lovers at Chaumet

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The house of chaumet situated in the place vendome honors lovers by dedicating a privileged space where we find it entirely offering chaumet for marriage. guided visit with its president, jean-marc mansvelt. the cozy place was conceived like a cocoon by elizabeth leriche where the jewelry cakes under their dome mixes with the light of the eiffel towerupstairs, the room is like a private room, where we can take the time to choose, to try on and to dream. interview with jean-marc mansvelt we are at 12, vendome place, at the house of chaumet, and we are in fact opening a space dedicated to marriage because marriage is at the foundation of chaumet with the wedding of josephine and napoleon, so we decided to recreate a place, a place of experience, a place of emotion for the french and for foreigners, for whom paris is symbolized by romanticism and marriage. before there was essentially a big demand for the diamond, if we are speaking particularly about the solitary central stones, but today the demand is a lot bigger, the coloured stones are taking their place, there are different price ranges, between precious stones and fine stones but today colour is part of these possibilities. it’s almost an ascent to 7th heaven, but it’s true that it’s a special place, on one side you have the view of the vendome square and the column on the other you have a view of the courtyard of the house of chaumet, frederic chopin lived here in the last 4 months of his life, he always came into the halls of chaumet. or it isin this courtyard where the future empress eugenie lived, it’s here where napoelon iii asked for her hand in marriage. near me, what you are recovering is the ‘nickel silvers’, which are available for our customers to try on, the space lets you become a true princess or a queen for a minute, it also makes you feel close to this creation and this unique object of the house of chaumet, knowing that this “nickel silver” obviously means tiara, and the tiara is the object of excellence in the coronation of love (music free : bandit & nikit)