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Fashion Focus : Karoline Lang, a young brand to discover

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After international experience, the designer karine tawil chose to combine her lebanese and austrian heritage in order to create her label karoline lang, designed with a concern for detail and materials. the aesthetic personal codes are very identifiable for a silhouette with architectural cuts which embodies an understated luxury which can be found in her avenue montaigne apartment store in paris. interview with karine tawil : launching a brand today is practically impossible, and then opening a store for a young brand is also practically impossible, so people need to know the codes and the brand, it’s important to have an intimate and close relationship and to be received like in a house. i immediately worked with codes. it simplified my work, it gave me a certain frame, so 80 to 90 percent of materials, the fabrics that i buy, come directly from men and it has become my style. there is a certain sobriety that we don’t have in feminine fabrics and this interior comfort feels good. i’ve always liked to work the leather and so i need texture, there is always texture, there is always a sense of feeling, it even makes noise, so has this carapace species and all the details that i work are stitching or pleating in the material, also giving me a lot of structure. i’m in love with beautiful products, i will not make a product compromising the level of material because that’s not my talent, i really like beautiful materials, i like luxury but i like luxury because i like beauty, thanks to couture, i’m discovering the techniques so that lets me stay creative and lets me be able to create things without limits and so that’s what is important to a designer, to have this luxury. music free of right : bandit & nikit