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J.Crew - Women's & Men's Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection in New York (with interviews)

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Designers : somsack sikhounmuong, artistic director of women’s ready to wear & frank muytjens, artistic director of men’s ready to wearambiance : a presentation at spring studios, the static models incarnated by their friends, team and the close friends of j.crew, aged from 9 to 67silhouette : urban, fun, coloured and a camouflage trendfor the women, the designer is inspired by british aristocracy, everything adding volume & colours, for the masculine universe, the trousers are made more ample, in reinterpreting the brand’s iconic pieces like the rugby t-shirt.to note : jenna lyons, the creative director and president of the group strolls in the middle of the crowd, evoking the models & the inspirationsthe success of the label born in 1983 enjoys a new success in offering a stylish wardrobe at an affordable price. interviewssomsack sikhounmuong : i work with a great design team, so we actually looked back at the last show that we did for spring summer 2017 so we took that idea and moved it to this season, and it was about as a brand, j crew what do we love as the brand, we love tweeds, we love boy meets girls, we love army, we love tartans and plaid, and so it was that idea it was about being old school, so very traditional ideas, we talked about queen elizabeth ii and her home in scotland, but then how are we going to make it new this time, so we put it together with very dressy fabrics, satin with tweed jackets.it’s a constant mix of textures which is very important, fabrics are very important, very light things, something very light and sheer will look very different next to something very heavy and wool, so it’s always a mixfrank muytjens : its menswear and i think that propositions are changing so fast now, it’s an exciting time to be in menswear, so we see oversized slouchy top coats, beautiful white leg denim pants, everything is a little bit more slouchy but then there’s still a slim silhouette as well so it’s just another option for a guy to play with. music free of right : bandit & nikit