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Mulberry - Women's Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection in London with interview

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Designer: johnny cocaatmosphere: johnny coca’s third collection which evokes ‘the english style’ and how to reinterpret the heritage of a designer like mulberry in a modern and urban spirit. silhouette: suits with jackets and big tweed skirts, capes linking with the coats used to cover horses, just as the long-sleeved blouses and tie collars or the riding boots are all borrowed from horse riding. the embroidery is inspired by wall paper patterns from old english homes and the naturalistic design of mulberry home used on the furniture. to note: the shoes, the boots, of course the bags but also the pieces of the jewelry work as the chic family jewels of pearls and porcelain. johnny coca : it amused me, the sense that there is a contrast in what we like when we watch old english films, there is this contrast between london, the very classic part and the countryside part. and when we see the two mix, it is something completely extreme, which is finally the essence of london.and so, i mixed all these codes and all these attitudes. it’s basically in the level of attitudes, the very tailored side, the very english and classic mixed with something much more casual, easier, and taking from historical references from the 70’s or 20’s to create something very particular and strong in terms of attitude. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)