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Fendi - Women's Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection in Milan ( with interviews )

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Artistic directors: karl lagerfeld & silvia venturini fendisilhouette: feminine with supple and structured materials, many pleated skirts and transparencies. work on the rounded shoulders and geometric motifs inspired by old venetian prints bringing back the idea of marquetry or mosaics. the waist is marked with x.the colours are shimmeringthe evening wear is worked in lightness around tulle and organzato note : the double breasted jacket, the trousers tightened at the ankles with a raglan.the new runaway bagthe work on the different lengthsthe knit and leather thigh high bootsthe fur that borders the bottom of the sleeves of a coat or of a jacketthe return of the logos and the double f which marks the silhouette or earrings. interviews : pietro beccari fendi :fendi has always been a perfect mix between modernity and tradition. since the beginning, since karl lagerfeld and karl lagerfeld you know, is someone who doesn’t look in the cupboards too much for inspiration, rather, he looks in what has never been done before and challenges its teams and himself to try to go beyond.karl lagerfeld :this red, like hidden red, is the inspiration in fact, which gave a kind of life to everything. it's something very feminine, men do not put on those things, with clothes that were sometimes classic and in the end were not that classical. in the 50s, in tight suits, you had 2 dry lines, like that, whereas i did something else, i made quite deep pleats, which gives almost voluptuous volume, held by 2 crosses, and in this way, it makes a more modern jacket.i must say that the muslin dresses were made, like parisian couture, we cannot do any better, and i know how it works, there was no fault in these dresses, i find it quite sexy with bodies underneath, with all the things that crossed and the red boots, i think it made the silhouette a little different.silvia venturini fendi:this idea of women who were working and making their own clothes that’s why we have big stitching, that’s why we have this red that goes through the collection that is like the seal works; like you know when you write your letter and you close it. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)