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Mens 'Must-Haves' for this Summer: The Summer will be Short!

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This summer the men's 2017 wardrobe must contain shorts. yes you've got it: shorts in its ultra-short version, above the knee, to see the mid-thigh. finally men are revealing themselves and are proclaiming a new freedom, a new identity: long live the short! after the crop top and the choker for men, the ultra-short shorts, just like for women, are now being worn on the streets. more than just a question of gender, shorts give a real comfort during the heat of summer. yes to the lightness for many designers playing with tones while matching the hot pants with a maximum of elements in the wardrobe. stripes and patterns are also a must, like at louis vuitton, topman, and gucci which don't hesitate to express them in a total look, making shorts more elegant. legs in the air, for the new niche but on the condition that you coordinate it with style and wear it with assurance and ease.interview : a lively collection but which is light at the same time. lightness in its own sense, in its figurative sense, lightness because in this quite difficult world, i think that it feels good, with a little bit of freshness, of colour and voila. music copyright free / bandit & nikit - 2017