Elie Saab Fashion Show - Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2017/18 (with interview)

Designer: Elie SaabAtmosphere: A place of legend lays between light and dark. Medieval splendours, from princesses, to heroic conquerors.Collection: Grand couture dresses are paired with coats and capes, while long sleeves morph into trains.The velvet in deep tones such as forest green, midnight blue, or bright red bringing strength and glamour, counterbalanced with pastel tones of pearl white, blue, or powder pink.Focus on: The gleaming embroideries, all worked in gold thread with pearls and sequins, bringing to mind ancient ornamental design.Incredible feathers which add a finishing touch to the dresses.To note: The head crowns, unique jewels, and the purses worn like little bags.Interviews:Ghamzeh Alabbar: It’s amazing as always; so elegant! You stand out when you wear Elie Saab, you feel like a princess.I think I was a teenager, I had a dream to wear his dress. The dream came true, and once you wear his dress, you don’t want to wear anybody else, for evening, weddings, you always stand out. It’s very fitted, it makes a woman look beautiful as well, so I love him, and I know him in person. He’s a fantastic guy.Roxane Mesquida: It was absolutely amazing! What’s more, it’s the first time I’ve come to an Elie Saab show, and it was everything that I love. The slightly medieval element, very cinematographic. I don’t know, the last dress was absolutely stunning. It actually made me want to get married in one of these dresses. That’s my opinion.It’s really an ephemeral art, almost clothing that we couldn’t wear. I think that’s amazing, and even being able to come here and see this art form which exists, it was really, I don’t know. I thought there was something special in the air.Music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, under the protection of the right to information)

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