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Christian Dior Exposition, Couturier of the Dream

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Le musée des arts décoratifs celebrates 70 years since the beginning of the house of christian dior. an exposition which retraces the history of the house, since 1947 up until present day with more than 300 dresses, and thousands of patterns, works of art and documents… an inauguration reuniting an abundance of stars come to admire the modernity of the silhouettes of monsieur dior and those of the renowned couturiers who have succeeded him.christian dior exposition, couturier du rêveuntil 7th january 2018musée des arts décoratifs, 107 rue de rivoli 75001 parisinterviews:olivier gabet: i think it’s very striking when you have an art historian’s eye, this effect of harmony, of coherence, that we still have 70 years on. that’s to say that sometimes, we’re unsure about the dates or the provenance of certain dresses, because certain designs by mr. dior are an example of extreme modernity, and certain designs by his successors are like an homage to such a pertinence, that we become somewhat confused about who did what and in what time period.florence müller: christian dior undoubtedly reveals femininity in all its splendour. he focuses on the very nature of the female body, and these famous curves that define femininity which he then magnifies. this is really something that goes across the entire history of the house, and that we see here today with maria grazia chiuri. it’s without doubt a vindication of the most seductive parts of femininity, and i think this is something that really speaks to women, and one of the reasons why the ‘new look’ was a collection which fascinated the entire world, which turned fashion upside down with a new aesthetic. this is rare in the history of fashion itself. olivier gabet: finally, if there’s an idea of his to keep in mind, it’s that of happiness, and this is what i think stands out in the life of christian dior, there are no dark sides. there’s a french way of life, but i would say that it’s the absolutely wonderful and passionate life of an extremely endearing character.florence müller: christian dior said, ‘i want to make women beautiful in order to make them happy’.musique in the public domain: bandit & nikit