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FENDI - Spring/Summer collection 2018 in Milan (with interviews)

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Designer: karl lagerfeldcollection: stripes of all kind and a tropical mood dominate the collection. with a focus on bare shoulders, falling and transparency which leaves glimpses of lingerie. the return of the double f logo is printed onto summer fur, a jacket and the accessories. the shape is fixed at the waist, the dresses are flared, flowers and palm leaves appear on the bottom of a skirt. the codes of the house are reinterpreted with freshness. to note: the shoes with seamless strips. the sweetness of an organza shirt, the lightness of a printed and coloured fur coat. a striped rugby polo for a touch of urban sportswear. totes with floral and checked coating as well as a rattan handle. interviews from pietro beccari and silvia venturini fendisilvia venturini fendithe shoulder, i would say, is the protagonist of this collection, it emerges from the parka, the jacket or even the dresses and also the waist which is very tight, very feminine. we have two shapes, we have very loose underskirts, quite 50s inspired, otherwise very tight, elasticated and very dynamic, sporty. we used very feminine fabrics such as organza for, for example, the small hawaiian shirts and by contrast the more evening dresses are in poplin cotton. what was for the shirt becomes the evening dress and what was for the evening becomes day material. this is the inversion of codes which is fundamental and very important. pietro beccarii think that there are few brands that have strong logos. it wasn’t the period for it five years ago and it’s come back today. our case is particular, silvia knew karl lagerfeld when she was four, and she still works with him today. the two together are a force of nature and so the changes in creative direction aren’t on the agenda for fendi. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)