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Vionnet - Spring/Summer Show 2018 in Milan (with interview)

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Designer : goga ashkenaziatmosphere: an outdoors show, in the cloisters of the santa maria delle grazie church. collection: a collection which stays faithful to the dna of the brand with many pleats, drapes and vestal dresses of great femininity. inspiration came from japan and bushido values, with references found in the cuts of the clothes. to note: the shirt dress, a satin silk trouser suit, open trainers, the asymmetric necklines of the tops, the transparency of the fluid dresses and the ribbons the run through the garments. goga ashkenazi : i think what you will see is a parallel between the worlds, we live in such a global world today that even though we’ve got a japanese inspiration, it feels eclectic, international, it feels french, very vionnet as usual but it also feels like every country. bushido is the warrior of life, we are all warriors, i am definitely a warrior.what we do is we concentrate on each piece so that it is a collectable. each piece of vionnet has been worked very hard. yes we are showing pret a porter but each piece is very important, i want to create pieces that people will want to wear for the rest of their lives. not just now because it’s on trend, there is no trend. it’s timeless. vionnet is timeless. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).