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Das Mot: Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco, journalist and influencer, declares her love for words!

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Habibi, aime, belle de jour, womanist, l’etranger… samar seraqui de buttafoco, journalist and influencer, declares her love for words in a series of sweatshirts and t-shirts adopted by her das mot family, mixing personalities and the anonymous, from caroline de maigret to her beautician! a focus on the flawless career of a lebanese in paris who gives meaning to words! interview with samar seraqui de buttafoco:i’m not a clothes designer, as i don’t do anything besides think of words, i keep myself entertained with words and place them onto organic cotton sweatshirts and t-shirts. there are some words which are instinctive. belle de jour was inspired by two things firstly by a kessel book and then also a film with catherine deneuve. i found that beautiful, the idea of re-experiencing artists or even contemporary artists, and combing the worlds and so we find that in bourgeois red, with kahlo green, matisse blue, soulages black, a malevitch white. however much i thought of words, i didn’t want to think about casting, i wanted that to happen in an organic way. i really wanted to get out of the marketed code of fashion communication. meaning, that we’re going to choose who’ll to be our target and i think that today the people who will buy das mot as a unisex and children’s brand, is ultimately everyone. i think that if i’d never created my blog eight years ago, i’d have never done das mot today. never, ever. today, it’s all thanks to my blog, thanks to my community, to the people who follow me, to the people who nurtured me as well because in the end it’s an exchange. i try to celebrate impertinence, all french in my own way, i think that it’s a beautiful freedom that stays with us. music royalty free: bandit & nikit 2017