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Fendi : Mens collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interview)

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Artistic director: silvia venturini fenditheme: travel and airports, an inspiring setting where you can rub shoulders with all cultures and nationalities. on the catwalk, a rolling carpet shows suitcases, trunks and a baby’s basket in fur, all stamped with fendi. collection: an ultra-functional and comfortable wardrobe for travelling, reinterpreted in the iconic codes of the fendi house (yellow, stripes, fur, the double f)focus on: the work of scottish artist hey reilly, invited to work with silvia venturini fendi around words (family-fancy-faithful…) and appliquéd images on t-shirts and accessories. fun pop motifs, designed like collages. the checks and stripes are star patterns in the collection, transposed onto anoraks, suits, jackets, shirts, sweater, for an urban, elegant and young look. to note: new materials such as rubber used for overcoats with thermo-bonded finishes and a lacquered waterproof fabric. numerous accessories, practical and playful like a mini umbrella on the head, wide-soled trainers and we spot the collaboration between baggage line rimowa and fendi. flight fendi is ready for takeoff…interview of silvia venturini fendi: it’s a collection that’s really reworked in the fendi codes. we started around 1925 with baggage. so on the mood board there’s the shop opened by my grandmother, who sold baggage and umbrellas etc, so that’s the inspiration. of course, it’s a work on the fendi identity but it’s a work for today, so there are materials of today and lots of new technology. for example, i worked with ultrasound for the finishing of certain things, so technology really interests me. so as well, the setting for the collection is the airport, which is a really modern and contemporary place. for each collection, i like to open up the creativity and have a guest artist and this time it’s hey reilly, with whom i think we share the same value of irony. humour but always irony, to say something very profound but with irony. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)