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Berluti : Mens show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interviews)

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Creative director: haider ackermanlocation: grand palais, a lengthy catwalk, the space entirely powder pink and models walking out from fog. collection: the third collection released by haider ackerman. a mysterious man, ambiguous, both romantic and rebellious. a palette of deep toned colours, well thought out, soft and warm (blue, green, pink and camel). an efficient wardrobe, cropped trousers, short blouson jackets, a lined shearling overcoat, belted trenches, fluid suit trousers. a masculine wardrobe that’s easily adaptable for womenswear. on the catwalk, stella tennant or liya kebede nonchalantly wearing suits and overcoats with an impeccable allure. focus on: the leather looks, a belted nubuck trench in emerald green, subtle nuances on the ankle boots and the ultra-light nylon anoraks. interviews:jalil lespert:the silhouettes, the allure, extremely elegant things, extremely moving, there’s a lot of emotion with haider ackermann, obviously the materials and the associations of colours and materials like that, there’s something very fluid, but at the same time very structured, very fashionable, but onto which we project ourselves. it’s wonderful. farida khelfa:there are lots of pieces that i love particularly for me, i can’t see a man in it, i see myself in it. it’s full of proposals, of huge trenches like that in leather, in suede that i love, the shearling, the coats as well, the trousers, the suits, the trousers cut à la haider, i love that, i find he’s really invented a silhouette that i love. paolo roversi :it’s inspiring to photograph because it’s a mysterious man, a bit ambiguous, very strong, at the same time merry, i like that a lot, it’s really poetic, he’s created a poetic work. natalia vodianova :a lot of mystery actually and the music was really a little bit dark which is quite unusual i think for berluti i think but i love the fact that there’s still colour and there’s still hope. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)