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Iris Van Herpen: Haute Couture show Spring/Summer 2018

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Designer: iris van herpeninspiration: in the galerie de minéralogie et de géologie in paris, beneath peter gentenaar’s floating sculptures, the designer invites us to reach high, to watch the world from above, from natural to urban landscapes. collection: ethereal and floaty, iris’ designs always seem unreal, in such a way that the material becomes abstract, deforming and light. the technical processes used are incredible and innovative, such as the 3d printed pattern of leaves with tulle added in the printer to print directly onto the materials. the tones are earthy, grey and black becoming almost blurred and transparent. the jumpsuits create new organic designs while the dresses take on new shapes with a play on sleeves which elongate or transform into capes. to note: the designs which keep going, like climbing plants, up the neck and even becoming a mask that covers the face + the shoes with suspended heels. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)