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Anna Sui - Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in New York (with interview)

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Designer: anna suiinspiration: always with psychedelic motifs and her palette of warm colours, anna sui revisits the sixties and seventies where the idea of elegance blends with liberty of style. the girls have fun spinning about the catwalk, confidently wearing small glasses which adds a mischievous touch to their asserted allure. collection: floral brocade with golden thread is used for the first coats and iridescent dresses, velvet and suede add a seventies touch. short dresses, lightly flared, move with the movements of the girls, the blouses are paired with tan collars whilst feathers and faux fur and scattered throughout the collection. to note: the levi’s vintage velvet trousers that are brought up to date, the corduroy travel bag carried over the shoulder. plus the trio of dreams: bella hadid, gigi hadid and kaia gerber who open and close the show. interview with anna sui: i was looking at videos of old showroom shows, 70’s shows, even my first shows with all the supermodels there was so much more character they were enjoying the clothes and really kind of hearing the music and just reacting, and i wanted the girls to do that tonight. so we talked to them, i showed them some of the old videos of those shows, and i think that they had such a great time. i wanted to bring back a little bit more of the formality, but adding in the comfort, because i think if you look back to, let’s say, the sixties and seventies when those types of clothes were around, the armholes were really high and very very tight but everything was very easy. a lot of tee shirt dresses even for evening, even the pinafore dresses, they were just thrown over another blouse. it’s kind of the way young people are dressing now, they’re wearing shirts underneath their dresses, there’s all this layering to create different dimensions and i wanted to play with that too. with new technology it’s all computerised now, so we really can get some dimension out of adding in lurex and they call them 3d brocades or 3d laces and i combined all that together to build a lot more dimension into the garment and i think that it was really effective. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)