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Michael Kors- Women's and men's Collection Autumn/Winter in New York (with interview)

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Designer: michael korsinspiration: michael kors achieves his dream of showing in the lincoln centre theatre, a high place for art and shows in new york. a more personal collection in which the designers adds everything that he loves, his ‘iconics’, for an always desirable attitude that celebrates american chic. collection: daring to mix prints, from navy stripes to leopard and zebra, flowers and polka dots. checked print is also very present, in a game of masculine/feminine, with a british touch of tailoring and tartan that we find on straight trousers and skirts, pea coats and jackets. there is a sportswear touch with the ‘ko’ logo at the front followed by the arrival of ‘rs’. additions of flowers, beads and sequins. the faces on a bustier robe are created by the illustrator david downton and worn by bella hadid. an elegant black is used for evening dresses. for the men, a large jumper and perfectly cut trousers, accompanied by a trench or a pea coat. to note: the music, all the big hits which perk up the room in 10 minutes (ranging from madonna to beyoncé), lots of top models who come to show each season (karen elson, ashley graham, bella hadid, anna ewers, joan smalls...) and sitting in the front row: emily blunt, zendaya and blake lively. interview with michael kors: the show is very much, very personal for me, it’s full of things that i love personally and it’s also just the diversity of new york, is very much on the runway today so the mix of style that someone takes their cues from different characters at different times of the day and it all mixes together, there’s not one way to look in new york so that’s very much what the show is about. it’s funny, after all these years, sometimes the world is obviously a very complicated, difficult place, particularly now, so in fashion you can say “oh, what i do is it important?” but the reality is when people put the right thing on it changes their mood, it changes their spirit so i believe in the optimism of fashion, i believe that when you put the right thing on, you feel better. the most important thing first off, is how does it feel to the touch? because what does it feel like next to your skin, and also how do you move in it? because the reality is, i want to design pieces that people want to wear over and over again. i’m not interested in the piece you buy and wear once. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)