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Mulberry Show- Women's Collection Spring/Summer 2018 in London

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Creative director: johnny cocainspiration: we enter one of the most famous manor houses in england, spencer house, where over the course of the weekend mulberry hosted workshops and conferences as well as a pop-up shop, before stepping into the showroom, with a central scene made up entirely of mirrors, which elevated the singer alison godfrapp during her performance for the finale. collection: always romantic, very english, with fluid dresses in shimmering colours, skirts that end like bouquets of flowers, jewellery which is embroidered onto a blouse, frilled detailing, buttons, a play on volumes. sublime silk taffeta and light organza. incredible hats designed by noel stewart. to note: the show is part of a series of events called ‘beyond heritage’, and the collection, spring/summer 2018, is available to buy immediately after the show with the house pushing the idea of ‘see now, buy now’. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)