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ANDREW GN Show- Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: andrew gncollection: a collection inspired by two films with catherine deneuve as the central theme in belle de jour and the hunger.an homage to diversity, with a mix of prints and textures with short and long silhouettes. frilled, draped and bubbling effects…focus: on the beaded embroidery, on the floral and fern motifs, plus peacock feathers which adorn the clothes. a black wool coat is embroidered with a pietra dura bouquet from the 17th century evokes extreme elegance, marabout feathers are placed on the sleeves, or the base of a skirt. short stands alongside long, as an asymmetric miniskirt is followed by a sheath dress with puffed sleeves. to note: the thigh-high, heeled boots and the small fascinators on the heads of the models.interview with andrew gn: it’s the first time that i’ve been inspired by films because i really like films, and there’s a film that i like a lot called hunger and another called belle de jour, both star catherine deneuve, an actress i really love. it’s a collection where there’s both an eighties sex appeal and this belle de jour from the sixties, this bourgeois perfection in appearance but there’s something unclear underneath. there’s embroidery inspired by pietra dura from italy in the 17th century, from rome, there’s also something else i really like, these ferns, it’s a plant that i really like, and there are flowers, there are peacock feathers, a mix of things. i believe that today there’s no pure style, there’s no single inspiration, we live in a world which is going extremely fast and there’s so much around us, that everything is very diverse.it’s a real homage to everything handmade and i find that we live in a world which is really hi-tech and things go so quickly, everyone spends their time in front of a screen, their phone, their iphone, and for me i believe in luxury, and the most luxurious things are those made by hand. and clothes that are made to stay that’s also important, to not waste things, because waste is a real problem today, so i hope to make pretty things that we can keep for a long time in our wardrobes. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)