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Marie Poniatowski: her world is Stone! Between rock and romanticism, the designer shows what she's made of.

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Marie poniatowski has always loved beautiful things. fascinated by jewellery since her childhood, she has brought about a new era of jewels, adding a modern and poetic accent, for noticeable and assertive men and women, with diamonds and gold at the heart of her collections. fourteen years after the launch of her label stone paris, her world is expanding further and further, gathering fans…including rihanna and beyoncé. interview of marie poniatowski: i love vintage jewellery, i’ve always loved that, and i love contrasts in life and i wanted to make jewellery which was really created with old techniques. so i made things that i liked, that i hadn’t seen, that i hadn’t found, and the idea really came from that, how a woman can buy her own jewellery, wear it in the morning, keep it for dinner in the evening, wear it in the metro, live with it, it was really the idea of making something like that. it’s a style which maybe…there are slightly rock pieces, slightly classic pieces, but i need them to remain timeless. i don’t want to depend on fashion, or to get tired of things too quickly. i think that jewellery must be kept throughout your life… my emblematic piece of jewellery is my ‘blood diamond’ cross which slightly resembles a dagger. when i was 14, i was madonna mad, and since she only wore crosses, she fascinated me and i think that subconsciously, it stuck. i’m sure of that because today i have 240 variations of different crosses. i’ve always wanted it to be as fine as possible, even if it’s a huge ring, it has to be a light as possible, nice to wear so it’s not too heavy on the finger. i think that today women want jewellery to be as fine as possible, easy to wear. it’s more of an accumulation, we put them on all fingers, we buy it like a normal ring, girls get their ears pierced more and more, so they want small jewellery on the ears. in the past i made pairs of earrings, and now i still make pairs but for smaller things i sell them individually because that’s how the demand is, and a few years ago it wasn’t like that. it can be a young child and my grandmother, that’s what i find great, but she’s not going to wear it in the same way and that’s fine, it’s more the way we wear jewellery which shows people’s personalities, not necessarily the jewel itself. music royalty free bandit & nikit - 2018