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Facetasm: Men's & Women's show Spring/Summer 2019 (with interview)

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Designer: hiromichi ochiaishow: men and women show together at facetasm inspiration: at the paris ecole de médicine, a collection entitled ‘together’. the designer wanted to express his freedom, his values, by uniting extremes and different codes. collection: it’s still a question of fluidity, ease, movements of the body. the zips and straps redefine the architecture of the jackets. the coloured lace, with fluorescent accents is scattered throughout, finishing the back of a jacket or used for a total look. incidentally, the backs are very important at facetasm, allowing us to see the clothing from a completely different angle. for womenswear, the volumes are found in front, between lace and tulle, always with fluidity and strength. to note: the cape jackets including a suede fringed poncho+ the beauty with jewellery creating a contour on the face created by vibe harslof interview of hiromichi ochiai:it’s not about men's and women's together, i’ve shown men & women together for around 7 years so it's not a special thing for me. so, for this season i was putting two different values put together like classical fabrics it was like different values put together to create a new value.i thought that the drapes will make people emotional and when fabrics move together with the body your feelings change and i really think like that so i made this pattern for this season.i really like to put different elements together so by making the zip you can make your form and i think that, that is fashion and it can’t be that one thing is one thing, i think clothes need to have several faces. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)