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Hermès : Men's show Spring/Summer 2019 (with interview)

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Artistic director : véronique nichanian place : the archades and the gardens of the cordeliers’ convent with hanging linen. inspiration : a collection of essentials, everyday clothes transformed into a luxury version, with many refined details, extremely flexible materials with an effort on colours. the prints seem sun drenched, marbled in a shade of beige and white. the sensuality of leather and a suit worn on skin. leather tracksuit, ankle zipper, drawstring waist, hooded sweatshirt, the references to sport are numerous and reinterpreted with elegance.focus on : lambskin zippered jackets, reversible ribbed and windproof jackets. + lively colours which determine and give vitality to the wardrobe like a 3d checkered stitched printed puzzle or graphically zipped polo shirts. + the pants or shirt in lizard + the "toilbright" jacket+ soft t-shirt draped over the neckline + crumpled aspect an old pink jacket to note : the banana bag worn over the shoulder and the rainbow pattern which decorates the baginterview of véronique nichanian :there was a lot of work done on the materials, so with a jacket that almost gives an organic side and we continued all the work on the knitting and also used lizards, materials which gave very little relief and on the vegetal aspect, organic, like tree trunks patterns and extraordinairy materials, devoured linen, things that should be touched and seen closely.this season i had a little bit more fun with colour, because i wanted slightly tired, faded colours but also with great bright accents which gives a kind of modernity, lashes. and for me that has given new sweet harmonies with sudden strokes of turquoise, bright yellow or orange that are like electroshocks. the thing i love about summer is that i’s aperatif time, the time when we are a little laid back and chic and only having beiges.. the entire show was just coloured with games of harmony and the refinement of colours, and in the end all i wanted was white, tan, beige for a sweet end to the summer. music from the show (for use only context of this report, under cover of the right to information)