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Kenzo: Men's & Women's show Spring / Summer 2019 (with interview)

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Artistic directors: carol lim & humberto leoninspiration: in a dark place in the heart of paris, immense floral installations are suspended above our heads, plunging us directly into a warm atmosphere, quickly enhanced by the hypnotic brass ensemble orchestra, who came to play during the show. the duo wanted to celebrate different tribes and subcultures, evoking the idea of celebrations, parties and ceremonies through this collection with this spirit of union and unity. collection: kenzo presents two shows which follow one another, women’s then men’s for spring/summer 2019. for the women, vivid and warm colours are showcased and mixed for joyful outfits, balloon sleeves on the shirts and dresses add a festive dimension, plus a game on transparency between flocked twill and georgette. polka dots from archive prints also dominate. for men, tailoring takes on a new dimension, through supple pyjama-style ensembles. loose bermuda shorts are worn with a light coat, prints are a requirement. striped shirts become graphic, with the logo on a colourful background. a touch of sportswear is present through shorts, sweaters and logoed blouson jackets. to note: the new leading print: the phoenix+ the incredible colours and prints, which create a slightly crazy allure+ the accessories: including thin sunglasses, huge shopping bags, and platform shoes. interviews: humberto: we wanted to really celebrate the ceremony with this almost kind of, procession seeing the different parts of different ceremonies we were really inspired by the unions of people, and community, so i think the atmosphere really played up to that. carol: this is a good example, i think of using technical nylons to make gowns and dresses out of, i think kenzo takada created those codes for the house, kind of taking fabrics and using them in unexpected silhouettes so i think it’s exciting for us to be able to play with those codeshumberto: and different guipures and different embroideries and seeing the duality between beautiful fabrics, nylons, cottons, all of it mixed together. humberto: tailoring is a really important part of the house and it’s something that carol and i believe in, so it’s exciting to see the tailoring and then also it mixed with the sportswear and stuff… carol: and i think that this icon is really exciting for us, the phoenix,…humberto : the phoenix rising, we had the dragon rising for fall so it’s almost a part 1 and a part 2. music from the show (for use only in context of this report, under cover of the right to information)