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Vetements - Show Men's and Women's ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2019 in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: demna gvasaliainspiration: a georgian wedding, but in the code of vetements and of demna, a table “banquet” and white plastic chairs, set up under the paris ring-road… a way for the designer to present a personal collection, strong, where he gives a version of his different feelings, from violence (a war that began in his native country, georgia at the start of the 90s) to love, linked to a romantic encounter…collection: mixed, men and women, 40 of whom came directly from georgia, crossed the table at a rapid pace. a mixture of punk, of sportswear, of security and workwear clothing, a spirit of the 90’s with an air of romance. hoodies, worn with tapered jeans, or re-worked with jogging bands, or fluorescent checks to a mini-skirt. large parkas represent the army, the relief, the american flag for example comes to support the designer’s speech about the history of war. everything is also strengthened with hoods and masks made of leather with a masochistic tendency. gowns, some with pleats, and butterfly sleeves, ending in capes, soften the subject. to note: the nod to georgia with writings, and the dress or trench ending in a red floral patterned scarf, or the nude t-shirt’s tattoo prints, which represents the orthodox church. + shoulders are always much enlarged, on blazers + trainers with metal spikes or large cowboy bootswith interview of demna gvasalia. it’s the most personal show that i’ve ever done. before, when i thought about fashion, i thought about clothes, i was thinking about people, about what they were going to think, whether they would like this or that and the first time i said to myself no, i want to make what i’d like to make, that’s really what i wanted and i think that i’m ready to confront my past, in fact, that’s all. it’s the show, in which, i confronted my origins, where i came from, my national shame, let’s say, that i’ve had for 10 years, as a refugee in my own country, that i still can’t go to, for very sad reasons, that are personally linked to me such as my sexuality and so i’m forced to bring georgia to paris. the masks come from the sado maso world, mostly sexual references, in georgia, the mentalities, ones like these, they have a spiritual side but also they like war and they are never happy. a little hatred that i have towards the country, because i like it, i love it, they are my roots but i needed to do this to express it…music from the show (for use only incontext with this report, under cover of the right to information)