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Winter Trend 2018 : The Western girlshave landed

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A place for girls ready to conquer the world. the wild west, with its promised land, its links with nature and its search for freedom, it seems to have taken over catwalks this upcoming winter. (interview x 2)who are these new girls? above all they are defined by a confident, if not conquering look from head to toe. and the essential component: boots. make way for cowboy ones, pointy-toed boots and fringed high leg models. (interview)and in addition these cowgirls dare to wear cowhide again presented in the chicest and most elegant way or they opt for more comfort with large ponchos, long, cosy and nice to wear even under a jacket to warm you up. this cinematographic look attracts designers who each give us a different version, in beautiful materials such as suede and leather. we love the details, from jewellery to hats, through fringes that are added everywhere. and let's not forget the star piece: the western shirt, reinterpreted in many ways and not to be worn in moderation.with interviews of veronica etro, isabel marant, silvia venturini fendiveronica etro :i also called it “the new cosmic prairie” because it takes inspiration from the wild west but it’s not really an area, it’s like the land of endless horizons and at the end it’s like a new tribe that mixes arts and crafts and postmodernism. isabel marant :in the plains of the american wild west, yes, that’s exactly it, but in fact there’s this western wind blowing through different shows at the moment. silvia venturini fendi :and cowboy boots, western and even the cowgirl let’s say, that’s more appropriate in this context.