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Carolina Herrera - Women's Collection Spring/Summer 2019 in New York (with interview)

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Artistic director: wes gordoninspiration: the designer and former right-hand man of the founder presented his first show in new-york historical society galleries. for this collection he was inspired by carolina herrera and the beginning of the brand in the early 70s. the designer was sat on the front row next to hailey baldwin and lily aldridge.collection: chic, coloured and reaching new volumes. the first models to take to the runway show a completely new version of the herrera lady, with tartan jackets, miniskirts and pieces printed with flowers and big slits. she dares to play with colours, mixing polka dots with flowers as well as presenting very short dresses. evening models wear detailed embroidery on tulle lace with bare shoulders showing a luxuriant and couture look.note: different blazers, pine green trouser suits and boots embroidered with flowers.interview :wes gordon : the world has so much joy in it and we should embrace the joyful and the happy, and sometimes it’s ok to just take a dress that’s pretty and fabulous, the kind of dress that makes you zip it up and want to dance. and i think that’s really the house that herrera is. that’s truly a testament to the entire collection to the atelier that we have at herrera and that atelier was created by mrs. herrera. it’s the finest one i’ve ever experienced, and i can do a little doodle and i can draw a dress but, to make it go from there to what you saw today is the result of the incredible artistry of our atelier. it was exciting, the one i was most you know, the one whose opinion i was most nervous about was mrs. herrera’s herself, but i was so lucky to spend a year working with her, to transition into the house and really learn from her, and it was, it’s great to see all different types of women and the diversity and the different ages coming here today to celebrate a house that they love.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).