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Mary Katrantzou - Women's Spring/ Summer Collection 2019 in London

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Designer : mary katrantzouinspiration: it’s in the famous theater, the roundhouse in camden with its circular structure that mary katrantzou chose to celebrate 10 years of designing. she waited until the end of the show and for the raising of the curtains to reveal her master pieces exposed in the middle of the setting. to mark this new step, the designer was inspired by the idea of “collections”, choosing five themes including stamps, insects, perfume bottles, jewelry and art. she also makes references to famous collections like peggy guggenheim in the world of art to create silhouettes whilst also adding her own references which she calls her obsessions.collection: magical and fashionable. incredibly beautiful pieces mostly made by hand. embroideries and stamps form collages, butterflies are placed delicately on fabrics whilst velvet dresses are embellished with jewelry. every piece has taken time to make, seen in the rich and detailed work on each item.note: voluptuous evening dresses become sculpture like representing perfume bottles that we love so much we would want to collect them ourselves.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).