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Louis Vuitton - Women's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection in Paris (with interview)

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Artistic director: nicolas ghesquièrelocation/inspiration: the square courtyard of the louvre, after having bypassed the pyramid, we enter into transparent corridors, where everyone can see each other. the models walk under neon lights, under the illuminated courtyard buildings of the louvre.the designer thinks of the louis vuitton woman, who travels not only across borders, but also through time, however, is she not already in the future?in the front row: catherine deneuve, léa seydoux, adèle exarchopoulos, thandie newton, alicia vikander, shailene woodley, spike lee, sophie turner, cate blanchett, alicia vikander, justin theroux and woodkid among others.collection: light jackets, short dresses and sleeves that seem to fly.futuristic and colorful prints add a touch of the eighties with their graphic shape contrasting with black and white. models resembling men, but still feminine wear suits with zipped jackets and loose t-shirts.detailed sleeves which are rounded, accordion like or held up by squared shoulders with a touch of the sixties seen through netted silver and red dresses and through coats in new volumes.not to forget the bright, colorful, floral jumpsuits that close the show.note: new forms of bags in futuristic shapes, cases in bright colours and boots with pointed toes.+ prints: psychedelic pyramids and robotic allures.+ hair left long, styled to the side.interview with thandie newton:every piece was so exquisite, it was inventive and dramatic and, i just loved it so much, i’m really, really thrilled to be here, it was a long way to come, for sure but it actually worth every mile from la to paris. i’m trying not to think how many opportunities can i create in order to wear these clothes, really it was just magnificent, i’m so thrilled for him and for everybody, it was really wonderful.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).