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Mulberry revisits the 60s in their new Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

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Juggling between eccentricity, know-how and new proposals is the principle of the english fashion house mulberry, or more precisely of its artistic director johnny coca. their entire silhouettes, consisting of clothes, accessories and shoes are always filled with history, and for summer 2019, it was the 60s that became the main source of inspiration.interview with johnny coca:i think the 60s in london was a powerful period for women with emancipation, freedom, and women reclaiming power. there was also a playful change, in terms of clothing and attitude, and so my idea this year was to create something that brings humour and fantasy but at the same time remains classic and very english through its creation, which always refers back to its english roots that consolidate our origins and where we come from.we tried to find certain materials that no longer exist nowadays, we redeveloped and recreated them with suppliers using fibres from today, as these old materials had a particular style which gave a clean and precise silhouette.it’s magical to put all these pieces together such as shoes, jewellery, glasses, accessories and leather goods which create a very strong and complete look filled with accessories from head to toe.