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Discover Joséphine, Chaumet’s new jewellery collection

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An expedition to chaumet’s mythical salons situated on place vendôme is worthy of a visit. new and old come together with the idea of entering an aesthetically pleasing, refined apartment revealing the new collection “joséphine aigrette”, dedicated to napoléon’s wife, a free empress, and a client of chaumet becoming a muse over time.to fully explore the collection which can be mixed and matched, a high tech dressing table is used. place your hand in front of the screen to see what your desired combination will look like on your fingers. these dressing tables will travel around the world and can be found at le bon marché in paris during november. the new collection is adorned with colorful gemstones for the very first time, including amethysts, citrine, aquamarine, and garnet: all variations are allowed, why not combine them with other models composed of diamonds and cultured pearls. earrings can be separated and bracelets can be pared with one another, creating multiple proposals.chaumet belonging to the lvmh group, wants to play, targeting young people through this affordable and fun collection offering thousands of possibilities.