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Etro: Men's Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Presentation in Milan (with interview)

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Artistic director: kean etroinspiration: the future of a more sustainable fashion.collection: a silhouette using researched materials for an elegant attitude with numerous floral and baroque motifs.focus on: the polymer fibre produced in italy, merino wool from high quality italian manufacturers. etro has used recycled denim, organic cotton and natural dyes. a well thought out collection, design with respect to the environment and in line with the evolution of society and their beliefs towards a more sustainable and responsible industry.interview with kean etro:i think the young man is more, is more listening to what is going on and i think he’s a little bit worried of what’s going on in terms of the way we use resources, the amount of garbage we produce and we don’t know where to place. so, i think there’s a great chance now, not just for the fashion industry, but for many industries, but in mine, to collect what is, what is thrown away.you touch this and it’s, of course its water proof, it’s a trench because it’s pt and then of course inside you have “o dio mio”, like “oh my god” you know”, and it is again about getting the threat from the bottle from the sea and making this object. so, i think, nowadays fashion is going to become more engineered. we need young engineers to study the way to solve this big problem.there is also a great sort of statement in like nobility in the way someone you know, like the man is dressed, the etro man is dressed. so, there is a lot of like fairy tales, and like flowery and like tapestry, goblins, all this you know, but, brought on a sportswear level which is what i call a new tradition for etro.of course the shape has to be comfortable otherwise you know, but the most important thing is that we have to be faithful to nature, so we are, its 50 years you know, in a way we know how to work on beauty and design in terms of aesthetics. we need to become more ethic, that’s the point.