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Irina Shayk, an exclusive interview about her collaboration with The Kooples

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Irina shayk, the russian top model and muse of the kooples’ new women’s campaign, launches a new collection of bags with the parisian brand. the model has designed a handbag which mixes her personal style with the emblematic codes of the brand. meet the top model who isn’t afraid of new challenges.interview with irina shayk:it’s definitely something very new because you know the model you know you just go and you model a product that they give you to model and you know you travel, you go to different locations and you know here it’s kind of the whole creative process was like ‘oh where would you want to shoot, like how your bag is going to be?’ so, it’s really something that you wanted to do and you create something that you love you know, something that you would wear. i definitely put my full impact into this bag, you know i said ‘oh i want this shape, i don’t want something square, i don’t want something round, i want something in the middle. i don’t like a lot of chains, i don’t like a lot of details, it has to be simple but cool you know, materials and fabrics, something that can be softer so you can like really pack it into your suitcase and you can smash it, you don’t have to worry about it. something fun’.when i travel i definitely put a lot of moisturising creams in my hand bag and tonnes of lip balms, different kinds, a bottle of water, phone. again, it depends what size of bag i’m travelling with. you can find food in my bag, snacks.to create a bag, it was definitely challenging, because you know, you always want to be better, you always think ‘oh you know next time maybe you’ll improve something’, so definitely yes, i would love to experience more in the design field.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).