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Dior’s 2020 Cruise Collection in Marrakesh with interviews

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Morocco, the welcoming country for dior’s 2020 cruise collection:after chantilly last year, dior has chosen to present their cruise collection in marrakesh, in the el badi palace, courtyard and gardens. a collection that highlights african artisans and craftsmanship mixed with dior’s codes.rich and diverse inspirationsto nourish her creative process, maria grazia chiuri met the anthropologist anne grosfilley, a writer and research specialist in wax materials, who, through her book, explores the european, asian and african origins of this textile that celebrates diversity, by reuniting cultures through a ‘common ground’.maria grazi also referenced the history of the brand by paying tribute to yves saint laurent’s work for dior and his love for morocco as well as the marc bohan years.collaborationsthe collection is a celebration of wax surrounding exclusive patterns mixing the dior codes with the traditional knowledge of the uniwax company based in abidjan in the ivory coast, where all the textiles are made. a unique collaboration and a first for the couture house who reinvents a new toile de jouy illustrated with new designs composed of savanah animals, exotic landscapes and tarot symbols, with the inscription of the source and “special edition christian dior-uniwax” on each item’s label.maria grazi chiuri wanted to give two women designers free rein with their own ideas to reinterpret the symbolic new-look especially the bar jacket (an experience that she wants to renew in the future) with the jamaican born brit, grace wales bonner (winner of the lvmh prize in 2016) and the african-american artist mickalene thomas.the designer also called upon pathé ouédraogo (pathé o’), one of the most well known african artists and designer of nelson mandela’s shirts. for the occasion, he recreated a shirt with the face of south african’s former president especially for the dior house.the collection113 looks in this show. the red and indigo ochres enliven the collection. denim is fringed, long jupons open up to reveal capri pants. we see numerous references to the history of the brand especially through a voluminous coat that echoes marc bohan’s jungle silhouette for example. the materials used are high quality and well worked, lightness is expressed through a woven linen and light lace dresses. the unlined bar jacket follows the body’s curves. the new messaged t-shirt holds a quote from the writer, tahar ben jelloun “with culture we learn to live together” which completely summarises the show in one sentence.high boots in plaited leather, flat mules with pointed toes like babouches, hairstyles and turbans draped on heads, created under the supervision of the hatter stephen jones elegantly accessorises silhouettes.dior’s moroccain ambiancethe pottery that decorates the gorgeous setting of the el badi palace and the fabrics that cover the henna painted cushions on the seats of the guests were made by the sumano association, which preserves the ancestral knowledge of female moroccan textile workers and potters.the show closes with a beautiful evening, enlivened by the musical performance of diana ross. interview with maria grazia chiuri:i think marrakesh now is very important in fact, next year is designed also the capital of culture of africa, because it is the place in the middle between europe and africa and probably that’s helped to be a really multicultural place where the people love to go to take inspiration and they’re in a very multi-cultural city.i think that in this moment where everybody is speaking about cultural appropriation, i really would like to say that it is possible to speak about common ground. we give with this project the dior common ground because that was our ambition, to see like in fashion it’s possible to have a dialogue around the world with different cultures and to find what is real sense of common ground because i really believe that craftsmanship is travelling around the world.interview with jessica alba:i mean i love that morocco is sort of this melting pot of so many different types of folks, communities, cultures and it’s really beautiful to see. i mean it’s always… relevant and beautiful and chic.music from the show + private concert by diana ross (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).