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Christian Dior - Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2019/20 show (with interviews)

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Artistic director: maria grazia chiuriplace: return to the traditional couture presented in the salons of the dior house situated on 30 avenue montaigne in paris, decorated for the occasion by american surrealist and feminist artist, perry slinger.inspiration: reflections on the form and function of the clothing of architect, bernard rudofsky inspired maria grazia chiuri. she gave a new conceptual vision of haute couture as art, committed to always dressing bodies uniquely. but equally, the mysterious black and white works, through the feminine creatures of penny slinger and the caryatids, sculptures which represent women’s bodies which adorn and seem to support the facades of the buildings.a collection almost conceived exclusively in black, punctuated with few colours. black demands perfection and was an inspiring colour for mr dior.collection: dresses which reveal their frame and structure. dresses that are pinched at the waist with long petticoats, shoulders covered with a cape. the materials are light, floaty, luxurious and delicate.the lines are pure, the notions of clothes and habitats are at the heart of the reflection lead by maria grazia chiuri who also reinvented the peplum, which women wore in ancient greece.focus: on guipure skirts, woven with braided laces or fringed leather. the mesh skirts, the wool tweed day dresses, the ottoman tailor cape, the ball gowns adorned with feathers. and the last passage, directed by penny slinger, a sculpture dress representing 30 montaigne avenue, covered in gold leaves.to note: the fishnet veils, which cover the faces, the little fascinators, placed on their heads, the high buns and blackened eyes.with interviews from: chiara ferragni: it’s amazing. it’s like super different from what i’ve seen for dior so far but i love maria grazia. she’s a genius, she always changes it up and this is wonderful. elisabeth moss: it’s so cool. it’s so not what i expected. it’s very dramatic and mysterious. i don’t know where we’re going to, some sort of treehouse or something (laughs).maria grazia chiuri: i’ve defined myself a ‘generation black’. i really think that black is part of my personal background. but at the same time, i don’t find a contradiction with dior because, if you see the archive dior, there was a lot of black he defined black the most elegant colour. in any case, for this collection, in my point of view, was essential to show the clothes in black, not all black but they are a lot black, because… the idea was that the people look at the clothes like a project that you can personalise, that you can choose the project for you.penny slinger: maria grazia particularly feels that, you know, we can combine and not be confined to the old paradigms. we can bring things together in a very individualistic and inspiring way. so much as i’ve seen the architecture of this place as home of dreams and to open it up beyond the mundane into a fantasy world that’s full of imagination and possibility.olivia palermo : the couture is so incredible and we have to celebrate the craftsmanship, so every detail that goes into it and the fantasy come to real lives.show music (only to be used in the context of the show, covered by the right to information)